Lipidex technology.

Hippex L contains - just as Hippex- , the innovative ingredient Pronexcell, which is a mixture of proteins that is purified using the latest innovation in protein purification technology.

Hippex contains Lipex, while Hippex L contains Lipidex. 

Lipidex is a mixture of differenr size lipid nanoparticles. Lipid nanoparticles are at the forefront of nanotechnology with highly potential applications in sperm cell engineering. Due to their unique properties lipid nanoparticles offer the abilitgy to controlled delivery of lipid such as sterols and phospholipid  in sperm cell walls aimed at optimizing preservation and motility by enhancing the fluidity of the membranes.

Lipidex nanoparticles are a novel generation of colloidal lipid acrriers. They represent  efficient cariers of compounds that enhance the motion properties of sperm cells. Lipid nanoparticles are produced using our proprietary technology and incorporated in extender powder for the dilution and preservation of animal semen.

Lipidex incorporated in Hippex powder resulted in Hippex L, our newest addition of equine semen extenders. Our research results show that application of Lipidex enhances sperm mottility and repairs damage to the cell wall. 

Lipidex also renders the sperm cell much more resistant to cold shock. The advantages of using Lipidex is not limited to equine sperm cells, but is generally applicable, also in freezing of sperm cells, where damage of the cell wall due to the freezing effect is a major problem.