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Innovative ingredients.

Hippex contains the innovative ingredients Pronexcell and Lipex.

Pronexcell is a mixture of proteins that is purified using the latest innovation in protein purification technology, while Lipex is a proprietary mixture of lipids. 


Pronexcell proteins protect the sperm cell against

  • the damaging effect of components present in the seminal fluid

  • cell aggregation or cell clotting

  • the damaging effect of temperature shock

Lipex is a mixture of microscopically small lipid particles that

  • act as antioxidants

  • stabilize the outer sperm cell wall

  • improve the motility of sperm cells during storage

All Hippex lots produced are tested for biochemical and physical characteristics. Moreover, each lot is tested in vitro for performance with respect to storage capacity of sperm cells by  motion characteristic analysis and viability testing.

The Hamilton Thorne CEROS II system for computer-assisted sperm analysis   

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