Hippex is now used since 2016 at the Paul Schockemöhle Service Station and Stud in Mühlen, Germany.


Bart Kools, who is head of the semen collection and processing laboratory, is enthusiastic about the extender.


Bart Kools: "with the use of Hippex, for 80-90% of our stallions we do not need to centrifuge the semen anymore. This saves us a lot of time and costs.  Further, the microscopic view of the sperm cells is much clearer, while the preservation time is longer when compared to other extenders. Finally, the 10-15% higher pregnancy rate that we see when using Hippex instead of other extenders is economically rewarding".

Paul Schockemöhle Pferdehaltung.

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Stallion AI Services in Shrewsbury, United Kingdom, is the UK's largest Equine Semen Storage and Distribution Centre.

The centre was founded in 1996 by Tullis Matson, the Managing Director. 

Tullis Matson: "we started in 2017 with Hippex and we see Hippex as one of the best extenders on the market for stallions with a wide range of fertility. Personally, I am impressed by the initial quality of the semen after processing and a day later".

Helgstrand Dressage is one of the world's most decorated and successful stable for the training and selling of dressage horses. With top European stallion stations in Germany and Denmark.

Christian Springborg: "we are very satisfied using Hippex, since the extender is easy to prepare, use and store. We use Hippex for a wide range of fertilities. The microscopic view is very bright and clear, which makes it easy to determine the motility. Finally, we found the motility higher over longer periods of time when compared to other semen extenders."

Hippex was introduced in Spain and Mexico by  Mauricio Ospina, a distinguished veterinarian specialized in equine and bovine reproduction.



Mi experiencia con la utilización de Hippex durante año y medio con Sementales pura raza española, conocida por su complicada fertilidad.

Con este producto he obtenido magníficos resultados en IA en fresco.

Tiene gran poder de mantener esperma vivo por tiempos más prolongados que otros extender.

Los resultados en envíos de semen fresco, centrifugado previamente son excelentes,además de gran limpieza y visión al microscopio.

En la centrífugacion previa a la congelación también he tenido óptimos resultados.

La utilización de Hippex aumenta las tasas de fertilidad.



I have now for one year and a half experience (since 2017) with the use of Hippex with pure Spanish breed stallions, known for its complicated fertility. With Hippex I have obtained excellent results in AI of freshly diluted semen. It has great capacity to keep equine sperm cells viable for longer times than other extenders. The results of shipped fresh semen (which we had to centrifuge before the use of Hippex) are excellent. The sperm cells when viewed under a microscope are very clear.  Also with the use of Hippex as centrifugation extender prior to freezing I've had excellent results. The use of Hippex increased fertility rates.