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The video below illustrates  the preparation and proper storage of the Hippex semen extender.

Instructions for storage and use of Hippex extenders.

(Full preparation instructions are available in multilingual format on our Download page)

Instructions for storage of the Hippex jars.


Immediately upon receipt, it is recommended that Hippex jars, pots and containers with powder be stored in a refrigerator until needed. The shelf life is then minimally 12 months. For best results, use the powder before the expiration date mentioned on the labels.


Instructions for use.


Have beforehand enough water (distilled or demineralized water) stored in an incubator that is set at 30 ⁰C.  For best results, prepare the Hippex extender just before collecting the semen. See note at the bottom of the page.

If you use small Hippex jars with 22.5 gram powder for 250 ml medium, than prepare 250 ml water at 30 ⁰C in a glass beaker or bottle. Add the Hippex powder to the water. Stir the solution slowly until the powder is completely dissolved. Then put the Hippex extender in the incubator (set at 30 ⁰C) until use.

If you use Hippex powder in bulk quantities, then weigh the appropriate amount of powder (9 gram per 100 ml, or a multiple amount) and add this weighed amount of powder to the appropriate amount of water.


It is recommended to dilute the ejaculate to a sperm cell concentration between 25 and 50 million cells per ml. A final concentration after dilution far above 50 million per ml will jeopardize the quality of the diluted semen during storage. It is also recommended to dilute the ejaculate by adding at least 2.5 volumes of extender to 1 volume of ejaculate to assure that sperm quality is maintained for at least 48 hours.

Most stallions produce ejaculates with sufficient concentration of sperm cells (more than 100 million cells per ml) to be able to follow both recommendations mentioned.

However, when the sperm cell concentration of the ejaculate  far below 100 million cells per ml, then it is recommended to centrifuge the diluted semen for concentrating the cells. 


Immediately after dilution, the tubes with diluted semen may be passively cooled (in the dark) at room temperature or actively cooled in a controlled climate box set at 15 - 17 ⁰C for about an hour. Put the tubes with diluted semen thereafter in a refrigerator, preferably on a rocking table.

Unused Hippex medium can be stored in the refrigerator for later use, but it is recommended to use it within 7 days.


Freezing of smaller quantities of Hippex extender.


Hippex is delivered as powder for 250 ml extender. If you need smaller quantities of extender (for example 50 ml), you may freeze portions of the extender in plastic tubes. The tubes can then be stored in the freezer until use. Just before collecting the semen you can thaw the desired quantity of extender. In the case of freezing portions, dissolving the Hippex powder can best be done in 250 ml of water with a temperature of 20 ⁰C. After dissolving the powder, wait 15 minutes, then stir or shake one last time and finally fill the plastic tubes with the Hippex extender and store in the freezer at – 20 ⁰C. It is recommended to use the frozen extender within 6 months after freezing.


It is recommend to store Hippex powder in the refrigerator. It is best to take the Hippex jar out of the refrigerator the day before use. The powder will then dissolve easier in the water.

More importantly,  if you weigh a certain amount of powder from a large pot or container immediately after taking it from the refrigerator, moisture from the air will precipitate on the cold powder. This must be avoided, since the moister might affect the storage shelf life of the powder.

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